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Summer Promotions! 4 Weeks Free or 1/2 Rent for 8 Weeks


Are you ready for the summer promotion? The Village Salons offers huge discounts to the salon professionals who are keen to grow their earning and want to have a stronghold on what they earn. The best summer promotion for best salons in Dallas ever allows all professionals to get maximum benefit and push their start if they are still thinking to initiate any work related to the salon.

The Village Salons is a peaceful, wonderful and a dedicated space for the salon professionals so they can run their own business individually for themselves at salon booth rental Dallas. Additionally, they will be free to facilitate and serve their clients with all the services and products they want to sell. This will help them to make more and more money as per their expectations. It is placed in the Arboretum Village Shopping Center, in high growth, an upscale neighborhood nestled between historic Lakewood and White Rock Lake.

Summer Promotion!

The summer promotion offers the professionals the best salons in Dallas to spend four weeks free with the village saloon and make money up to the level they can. In other words, the promotion offers the opportunity of eight weeks while paying only half of the rent for the suit.

The summer promotion includes the wide range of suites prepared in several angles and different configurations with multiple options of size, shape, and location at salon booth rental Dallas. The double occupancy is also available if you want to work with coworkers.  We would be happy to accommodate everyone and in all budgets. The summer promotion applies to all the facilities being provided by the village saloon such as office services, maintenance services, decorating ideas, marketing services and much more.


Tips for success during the holiday season


The holiday season is just around the corner. To enjoy maximum sales during this season, the hair salons from Dallas, Texas can follow these tips.

Share your holiday hours

Post the info about holiday hours on your website, social media platforms, and in your store. Some beauty salons in Dallas even send emails to their clients regarding such announcements.

Reward your loyal customers

The holiday season is the best time to tell your loyal customers that you care for them. Don’t just send them a ‘Thank You’ message or card. Offer a discount or free gift to make them feel special.

Reach gift buyers

Try reaching the customers that don’t visit your salon frequently to tell about gift packs you are offering. There is a possibility that these customers can buy a gift for their family members.

Decorate your salon carefully

This means you should decorate to ensure that the customers feel welcomed and comfortable. Don’t ignore holiday retail displays, as it can help in increasing revenue. Promote your retail display through an attractive flyer.

Design gift certificates for holidays

The customers prefer buying gift certificates that are relevant to the season. While getting the certificates, add your logo for increased brand recognition.

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Which type of professionals can benefit from The Village Salons?


At the Village Salons, we always strive to boost the business of stylists and other related professionals. We don’t limit our suites to beauty salons in Dallas. Numerous other hygiene services and personal care solutions provider can also use these suites to expand their business. Even the customers love it when they get a bouquet of personal care and hygiene services at one location.

So, which type of professionals can utilize this space?


The consumers, in the present day and age, are more concerned about their health than ever before. They prefer consulting nutritionists to gain weight, lose weight, manage diabetes, manage cholesterol, or cure issues like irritable bowel syndrome. While visiting their hair stylist, they might notice a nutritionist in the vicinity. This increases their chances of visiting the same in the future.

Massage Therapists

The clinic of a massage therapist must be situated in a popular area to attract more customers. Due to the strategic placement of The Village Salons, the massage therapists can expect a decent business.


The professionals offering solutions like waxing, lash lifts, tinting, facials, and hair removal can use this location to their advantage. If you offer the finest services, the chances are that a hair stylist from one of these suites can also recommend you to their loyal clients.

Each service provider that chooses our beauty salon suites in Dallas gets listed in our directory without any additional cost. All such features and amenities have made us one of the best beauty salons in Dallas. Learn more about the suites from here: www.thevillagesalons.com.

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