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Summer Promotions! 4 Weeks Free or 1/2 Rent for 8 Weeks


Are you ready for the summer promotion? The Village Salons offers huge discounts to the salon professionals who are keen to grow their earning and want to have a stronghold on what they earn. The best summer promotion for best salons in Dallas ever allows all professionals to get maximum benefit and push their start if they are still thinking to initiate any work related to the salon.

The Village Salons is a peaceful, wonderful and a dedicated space for the salon professionals so they can run their own business individually for themselves at salon booth rental Dallas. Additionally, they will be free to facilitate and serve their clients with all the services and products they want to sell. This will help them to make more and more money as per their expectations. It is placed in the Arboretum Village Shopping Center, in high growth, an upscale neighborhood nestled between historic Lakewood and White Rock Lake.

Summer Promotion!

The summer promotion offers the professionals the best salons in Dallas to spend four weeks free with the village saloon and make money up to the level they can. In other words, the promotion offers the opportunity of eight weeks while paying only half of the rent for the suit.

The summer promotion includes the wide range of suites prepared in several angles and different configurations with multiple options of size, shape, and location at salon booth rental Dallas. The double occupancy is also available if you want to work with coworkers.  We would be happy to accommodate everyone and in all budgets. The summer promotion applies to all the facilities being provided by the village saloon such as office services, maintenance services, decorating ideas, marketing services and much more.

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